Our vision is to support new generation of sustainable food producers to make their livelihood on Bristol’s fertile Blue Finger land. They will grow great food and build a strong community. 

This is just the beginning. We are in the process of securing land, exploring the needs of new entrants into farming, investigating connections and opportunities in the area and building support for our ideas. All the time we are reflecting on our successes, and our failures, to find the best ways of supporting a resilient food system. We are constantly learning about what the needs of new entrants are and thinking of different ways that we might be able to support them.

How you can be involved

  1. Sign up to our newsletter on our homepage, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Complete the Land Seekers Survey to log your interest in getting growing on land in or around Bristol:
  3. If you are a food producer, local retailer or strategic support organisation in or around Bristol you can join the Bristol Food Producers membership – they helping to support and scale up urban and peri-urban agriculture in the area by increasing collaboration between organisations.
  4. Support the Blue Finger Alliance and their work to save our fertile food growing land through changes in planning policy.
  5. Find out what % of your MP’s constituency is Grade 1 land (the average across the UK is under 3%) and email them to let them know you care about how it is used using this funky interactive map:

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