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Read the first press release – Save high quality food growing land from the threat of development

Read the second press release – Food growing loses out as land prices soar on the Blue Finger

Watch a little film of the drama as it unfolded filmed by BBC Points West:

Thanks for your interest in helping to save a precious piece of Blue Finger land on the M32 near Frenchay. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to buy the land as in the end it went at about £38,000 per acre for the two combined lots. We had capped our interested at £22,000 per acre as we judged this was the very maximum that someone could reasonably hope to get some return-on-investment from if used for horticulture – and we don’t want to be party to pushing land prices far beyond the reach of growers (average agricultural land prices are £7,000/acre)

We are disappointed that this campaign didn’t result in the acquisition of a piece of Blue Finger Land for local food growing. However, we are also immensely proud of the efforts of the people who followed the courage of their convictions and helped to raise over £23,000 for a deposit sum in  record time. Over the weekend money was being pledged at a rate of £200 per hour and people really helped to spread the word.

We have stopped receiving pledges towards a share offer now and will be returning all funds received to date for this campaign. If you do still wish to donate to Beacon Farms (towards future land purchases on the Blue Finger) or The Blue Finger Alliance (towards campaigning) your support is always very much appreciated – just get in touch.

Read and share the full story here: Food growing loses out as land prices soar

Download the Press Release and Notes here: PDF / WORD DOC

Help us spread the word about how proactive the community is in protecting the Blue Finger (to help us prevent further misuse) and to raise awareness of the need for intervention in how this land can be used (and the prices it goes for!)

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